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We are experienced in all types of OUTBOARD MOTOR servicing and repairs.
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We are based in Dumfries, Scotland and are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to repairs and servicing of outboard motors.

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We carry out all types of Engine Flushing. If you’re operating in salt water, whether your boat is brand new or 20 years old, we always recommend flushing the engines after every use. For most boats, especially the newer ones, flushing the engines to remove the salt water is quite easy and takes just a few minutes. This basic step is crucial for caring for your boat.

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We carry out all types of Boat washing and spraying down. Getting the salt water out of every part of the boat is crucial. While spraying down the boat is impactful, it isn’t always completely sufficient. Getting out the soap and brush can ensure you get all the salt off the boat. Don’t ignore the small areas like screw heads and areas prone to less attention such as the underside of the hard top. Don’t be afraid to clean the boat. Remember, it’s waterproof!

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We carry out all types of Boat Detailing. If you’re using the boat regularly, we recommend having someone detail your boat on a regular basis. While it certainly costs money, it’s often negligible compared to the overall investment in the boat itself. Having the boat detailed every couple months during regular use is a way to give the boat better care and attention above and beyond the normal washing you might do after a day on the water.

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We carry out all types of Buffing and waxing of the Boat hull and While the gel coat on today’s boats holds up extremely well, buffing and waxing the hull will keep it shining and looking new. If you have a darker hull color, you’ll want to consider this more frequently such as twice per year. At a minimum, when you have the boat hauled out for its annual service, get the boat detailed and have the hull buffed and waxed.

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Boat maintenance

Boat Maintenance: Ensuring Your Boat Stays In Top Condition

Boat maintenance is an important part of owning and operating your boat. The boat sitting at the dock or at the marina that you love so dearly is likely a significant investment of money, and just like any other asset in your life, it needs to be cared for and properly maintained. Doing so will ensure reliable operation during use (and limit those times when you’re set to enjoy a great day on the water only to have problems prevent you from doing so!) and also help preserve the boat’s value leading to higher resale when the time comes. Proper boat maintenance will provide peace of mind for the owner and help ensure safety for those aboard the vessel during operation. As expected, the larger the boat and the more complicated the systems aboard, boat maintenance costs can typically increase. Moreover, the age of the boat indeed has an impact on boat maintenance and repair costs incurred during ownership.If you’re purchasing your boat through a dealer, be sure to ask thorough questions of your sales representative about the recommended maintenance and service plans. For new boaters, this can be a great starting point. If you’re purchasing a used boat, you can receive guidance from your yacht broker. Note: This is another reason why purchasing a new boat can be the better option for new boaters; typically a new boat will come with a clear maintenance and servicing schedule provided by the manufacturer as well as appropriate warranties to reduce risk during your first few years of ownership and operation. Moreover, your local dealer from whom you purchased the boat can often handle servicing for you and be a great partner with respect to this area of ownership.
Additionally, there's a significant correlation between maintenance and resale. It can’t be overstated how impactful a well maintained boat can be when the owner goes to sell the boat. It’s quite impressive when you see a pristine boat which has been owned and used by an owner for a number of years yet still looks nearly brand new. Buyers notice, and the cleaner, better cared for boat will indeed sell much quicker compared to similar boats which have obviously received less care over the years.
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